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Mont Marte Mini Modelling Tools Boxwood -10 Pcs

21934 - This mini modelling tool set consists of 10 double ended tools, providing 20 tool shapes to cut, carve, smooth and create texture when sculpting. They feature a durable boxwood construction and ergonomic design for comfortable and controlled usage. These tools are ideally to working with polymer clay.

Mont Marte Palette Knife No.11

21935 - Mont Marte Palette Knives are constructed with flexible steel blades which are perfect for creating a wide range of textures and effects. Small knives are good for smaller works and large knives for large scale works. Palette knives are great for mixing paint, allows paint to be applied in a textured manner and can be used on its side for fine lines.

Mont Marte Poster Paint 250Ml (8.45Oz) 4Pcs – Fluoro

21931 - Mont Marte Kids Poster Paint is a 500ml bottle of tempera styled paint ideal for school students and art groups. With vibrant colour and a matt finish this fabulous paint is quick to dry. Set Includes: 4 x Fluro 250ml Paints - Red, Blue, Yellow & Green

Mont Marte Signature Single Thick Canvas 13 X 18CM (5.1 X 7.1In)

21913 - تعتبر اللوحات القماشية المفردة السميكة الخاصة بنا مثالية لأولئك الذين يبدؤون في ممارسة الفن، تم تدبيس هذه اللوحات من الخلف لإلقاء نظرة نظيفة على الحواف، مناسبة لتطبيقات الطلاء الخفيفة، قماش البط القطني الصديق للبيئة عبارة عن تيتانيوم ثلاثي الأكريليك مُجهز وجاهز للرسم عليه، أبعاد المنتج: 13*18سم (5.1*7.1 بوصة).

Mont Marte Signature Single Thick Canvas 25 X 30CM (9.8 X 11.8In)

21912 - تعتبر اللوحات القماشية المفردة السميكة الخاصة بنا مثالية لأولئك الذين يبدؤون في ممارسة الفن، تم تدبيس هذه اللوحات من الخلف لإلقاء نظرة نظيفة على الحواف، مناسبة لتطبيقات الطلاء الخفيفة، قماش البط القطني الصديق للبيئة عبارة عن تيتانيوم ثلاثي الأكريليك مُجهز وجاهز للرسم عليه، أبعاد المنتج: 25*30سم (9.8*11.8 بوصة).

Mont Marte Water Brush – Broad Tip

21903 – Mont Marte Waterbrushes are ideal for use on the move. The pressure-sensitive barrel delivers an even flow of

Mont Marte Watercolour Paints 12Pcs X 12Ml

21930 - Create a masterpiece, or play around and discover new ways to paint. Our watercolour set is the perfect place to start if you want to try out this versatile medium and it also makes a great gift for the creative souls in your life.

Orbit Classic Metal Compass (Small) – 2pcs set

22099 - تشمل: منقلة معدنية مع قلم رصاص.

Patio A4 Notebook 240 Page

22062 - Notebooks are made to the highest quality standards. Made from superior quality paper and pulp, the pages are whiter, brighter and smoother. The superior cut and excellent finish

Pindaloo Skill Toy

22093 - LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE NEW ACTIVE GAME TO PLAY? Meet Pindaloo! The latest, perfect skill toy set to stimulate brain, eye, and hand activities. Challenging and fun juggling, ball toss-and-catch play based on a simple loop principle. But not too easy! Once you master the basics, you?ll find endless throwing and catching tricks for cool interactive and educational play. WHO IS IT FOR? The perfect active toy for kids and adults, boys and girls, 9 years old and up. Great family fun, interactive and competitive game for children, teenagers ? ages 12 13 14 15 16, men, women, and parents! DOES IT HELP CHILDREN WITH DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES? Playing activates both sides of the brain, improving eye-hand coordination, balance, gross motor movement, and fine motor skills. Kids, teens, and adults with ADHD, autism or other educational, learning, or writing disabilities may find it a cool form of therapy for the relief of daily stress. Best of all it helps develop focus, creativity and creative thinking for everyone. WHERE TO TAKE IT? Almost anywhere Pindaloo can improve kids? determination, memory, and visual attention span! It?s a single and social bonding game made of 100% durable high quality waterproof recyclable plastic that can be played indoor or outdoors. Great for school, office, beach, garden, pool, camping and yard game. A GREAT HOLIDAY OR BIRTHDAY PRESENT! Finally top novelty toys and games the kids don?t already have! PLACE PINDALOO IN YOUR CART NOW and be the first to give this hottest, UNIQUE GIFT in 2020! There is no risk ? if you?re unhappy in any way, just return within 30-days for a FULL REFUND. Scan the QR Code on the package for lots of tricks and fun things to do!

Porodo Scooter PD-ESCTPO-BK

29608 - معلومات المنتج: يحتوي مصابيح أمامية ساطعة بقوة 1.1 وات تصل إلى مدى 6 أمتار، قم بتنزيل التطبيق KCQ Scooter المتوفر في متجر Apple، جوجل بلاي حماية من التيار الزائد، مقاومة لدرجات الحرارة، حماية من الشحن الزائد، إدارة ذكية للبطارية، المواصفات التقنية الطاقة المقدرة للمحرك: 250 واط، قوة المحرك القصوى: 500 واط، أقصى عزم دوران: 16 نيوتن متر، البطارية: ليثيوم أيون 7800 مللي أمبير، 42 فولت، طاقة الشاحن: 71 واط، إدخال الشاحن: 100-240 فولت، وقت الشحن: 5-7 ساعات، الحجم مطوي: 10.8*4.3*4.9سم، وزن السكوتر: 12.5 كجم، إطارات 8.5 بوصة من المطاط القابل للنفخ، السرعة القصوى: 25 كم / ساعة، قدرة الانحدار: 14 درجة، مدى الأميال: 23-27 كم.

Rolling Tales

22238 - A non-competitive and creative story telling game ? Includes a 4 pocket writing process folder to stage your writing ? Use at home, in the classrooms, drama clubs or your office. Great for literacy development, creative inspiration or a mental workout. ( Advances oral and written expression - Promotes self-expression & Confidence )

Sandwich Mix Up

22183 - تدمج بين اللمس والمعلومات المرئية ، سباق للمس ، والشعور ، ومطابقة السندويشات. لا بد أن تجعلك السندويشات القوية والإبداعات الغذائية تشعر بالجوع. اللعبة قابلة للتكيف بسهولة مع مستويات متنوعة من القدرة وتشجع التنمية بطريقة ممتعة. ( المهارات ( تطوير الوعي عن طريق اللمس والتمييز - تعزيز مهارات المطابقة المرئية - بناء الذاكرة

Season Wise

22194 - This fast-paced, fun game is great for kids to learn about different seasons ,It also functions as a skill-builder for elementary school and helps build language and reasoning skills, Perfect for play at both home and in the classroom ( Categorisation & thinking - Season Identification - Quick thinking & response )

Secondary Student Essentials ( Girls )

22123 - 4 x Notebook 80 sht A4 PVc 1 X Looseleaf 100 Sht 1 X Ruler 1 X Geometric Set 1 X Write and Erase Pen 1 X Highlighter 1 X Notebook A5 1 X Name Label 1 X Sticky Note 3x3 1 X Corrector 1 X Pen 4 Color With Pencil 1 X Stapler 1 X Punch 1 X Scissor 1 X Clear File with Ring 1 X Zipper File A4 1 X Pencil Case Plastic Large

Seek Four

22193 - A fun game, designed to help you express your feelings in a playful way! Play at home with the family or use in the classrooms for social-emotional learning activities Promotes listening skills and auditory memory 32 Emotion cards, 4 Coloured scarves, 4 Coloured scarves, 4 Coloured scarves, 1 Mirror, 1 Mirror, 1 Pencil, Instructions Age: 6+ years

Shape Your Story

22197 - Let your imagination take a flight and make thousands of stories with drawings Create new stories everytime you play & capture your drawn stories for everlasting memories! Enhances visual-spatial thinking. Understanding shapes will enable children to be more in tune to the world around them and see the connections between objects, as well as being better able to appreciate artistic works 1 Shape die, 2 Number dice, 36 Shape Cards, 2 Wipe-erasable markers, 1 Sand Timer, Instructions Age: 5 and up This product is hand crafted using wood and non-toxic inks and the packaging is printed with soy-based ink and phthalate-free lamination on recycled paper Contains: 1 shape die, 2 number dice, 36 shape cards (3 shapes x 12), whiteboard marker, 1 wipe cloth Skill Development: Language, oral expression, drawing skills, artistic imagination, creative thinking

Spell Cat

22191 - An interactive learning tray for learning spellings in a multi-sensory way? Includes a range of ideas to develop spelling skills ? Includes a motivation builder. Number of words you learn = Cat food. Grab tasty cat food and feed the cat. ( Practice letter & word recognition - Builds spellings and writing skills - Develops Vocabulary )

Super Math Spy

22187 - Never the same, it?s a game you?ll want to play over and over again ? Decoder glasses to make math fun! ? Great family game for all ( Active practice in mental math - Develops problem solving skills - Promotes quick thinking )

Tidy Up

22181 - لعبة لطيفة وبسيطة تتيح لك مناقشة أهمية التنظيف مع الأطفال لعبة ممتعة وسهلة لتعلم الألوان والتصنيف تنافس فردي أو لعب بشكل تعاوني . المهارات ( التدريب على مهارة التصنيف - دقة الملاحظة - المسؤولية والمهارات الاجتماعية

Tratto Cancellik Ballpen 2 Pcs Blue

22053 – A set of ballpoint pens with erasable ink, a double eraser included, ink can be easily erased. After

Universal Waterproof Case

22092 - الميزات والتفاصيل حقيبة جافة عالمية مقاومة للماء تناسب جميع الهواتف الذكية حتى 6.8 بوصة حجم قطري، تحتاج بعض الهواتف ذات الشاشة الكبيرة إلى إزالة الجراب الواقي، حقيبة جافة مقاومة للماء تحمل نقود بطاقة الائتمان للشاطئ وحمامات السباحة وصيد الأسماك والسباحة وركوب القوارب والتجديف بالكاياك والغطس وأنشطة الحديقة المائية نافذة شفافة على الجانبين الأمامي والخلفي، مما يجعلها مثالية لالتقاط الصور ومقاطع الفيديو والتحقق من رسائل البريد الإلكتروني 100 قدم IPX8 مقاومة للماء، يوفر حماية ضد الماء / ضد الثلوج / مقاومة الأوساخ لجهازك مع الحفاظ على وظيفة شاشة اللمس الكاملة المتوافقة مع الأجهزة حتى 101 مم × 175 مم (نافذة شفافة 70 مم × 140 مم)، يأتي مع حزام للرقبة لسهولة الحمل، يتميز بسهولة الوصول للقفل.

Uno Game Display

21626 – Experience fast fun for everyone with UNO. Easy to pick up?impossible to put down. Play by matching color

Watercolor Palette With Paint Brush – Dark Purple

21920 - The Best Crafts Watercolor Palette has 12 assorted colors: red, green, orange, pink, yellow, green yellow, blue, purple, sky blue, white, brown, black. High saturation, Great water-solubility, Vibrant colors, Paint more layers to get better effect if needed. ? A Well Liked Birthday & Holiday Gift that Parents Would Buy for Their Little Artists, A Popular Choice for Teachers to Use in Art Classes - It has a wide range of applications, Ideal for Children Early Learning Education, Art Beginners, and for Hobbyists to Practice Watercolor Painting.