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Prism Zenith 7 – Orange

28400 – The Zenith 7 is the perfect way to mark your spot in the great outdoors. It likes beaches,

Prism Zenith 7 – Purple

28401 – The Zenith 7 is the perfect way to mark your spot in the great outdoors. It likes beaches,

Silverlit Robo Chameleon 88538

30258 -A fun and easy to use portable robot LED illuminated body with multiple colour change Tongue that shoots out to catch its food Eyes and tails that move and a 4 directional remote control Awarded 'Best in Show' on Philip Schofield's 'How to spend it well at Christmas', Robo chameleon is a perfect companion. This great remote control character has a 3 step challenge to collect his food, move, aim and shoot its tongue out and snap up the bugs. He stores his food in his mouth, ready for the next game. Includes RC chameleon, 4 directional remote control, magnetic 'food' For collecting, cool LED illuminated body with multiple colour changing, realistic eyes and a tail that moves when he walks. Battery requirements are AA x 4 and AAA x 2.

Uno Game Display

21626 – Experience fast fun for everyone with UNO. Easy to pick up?impossible to put down. Play by matching color

Watercolor Palette With Paint Brush – Dark Purple

21920 - The Best Crafts Watercolor Palette has 12 assorted colors: red, green, orange, pink, yellow, green yellow, blue, purple, sky blue, white, brown, black. High saturation, Great water-solubility, Vibrant colors, Paint more layers to get better effect if needed. ? A Well Liked Birthday & Holiday Gift that Parents Would Buy for Their Little Artists, A Popular Choice for Teachers to Use in Art Classes - It has a wide range of applications, Ideal for Children Early Learning Education, Art Beginners, and for Hobbyists to Practice Watercolor Painting.

What Am I Jobs?

21568 - How to play? 1. The game consists of 60 cards of 60 occupations and two headbands. 2. Each player takes a headband and puts it on his head. 3. Each player chooses his occupation and places it on the headband of the other player without the other player seeing it. 4. Each player must identify the occupation on his own headband by asking "yes or no" questions. 5. Or ask the other player to act what the profession does 6. The winner is the one who identify the occupation first and identify the largest number of jobs. The aim of the game: - It is Perfect for children and adults. It is family-friendly and a game of non-stop fun. - It aims to identify the occupation on the image on the headband of the other player. Benifits of the game 1. Teaching children different occupations. 2. Improving communication and language skills. 3. Developing description skills using acting performance. 4. Developing problem-solving skills by learning to ask "yes or no" questions. 5. It pushes the child to use his innovative skills and imaginative capabilities. 6. Providing the child with information through the presence of occupational tools on the cards 7. strengthening family bond and increasing fun. 8. Developing critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Your Beauty With Herbs (natural recipes for skin and hair)

22228 - This book is the result of many years of science and experience. It combines a medical explanation of the physiology of the skin, hair and nails, nutrients and basic nutritional supplements that every organ needs for its health and safety. This book contains detailed information about the important natural oils for preparing natural care products for skin, hair and nails, in addition to the methods of extracting, storing, and suitability for different types of skin. This book gives detailed recipes for preparing natural products such as moisturizing creams, body butter, skin toner, body scrubs, face masks, deodorants, nail serums, natural soaps, hair care mixtures and more.  

Zeenat Hayati Book, A Journey To Raise Smart And Confident Child

21452 - الإصدار الجديد للدكتورة هديل الفرس بعنوان “زينة حياتي”. . كتاب مختلف عن بقیة الكتب، تنطلق معه في رحلة ممتعة، تعبر فیھا بمحطات ھامة خلال السنوات الخمس الأولى من حياة طفلك، لتكتشف أسرار متعلقة بتطوره، وكیف لك أن تنمي مھاراته وتقوي تركیزه وذكاءه، وتزرع ثقته بنفسه من خلال تمارین وأنشطة عملیة تطبقها معه في حیاتك الیومیة. . كما ستتعرف على ممارسات شائعة تحد من ذكاء طفلك لتتجنبھا وتبتعد عنھا. . كتاب لا بد منه لكل من یترقب مولوداً، وكل أم وأب یرغبان بأن یكونا الأفضل لطفلھما.