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Dr. Mady’S 14 In 1 Solar Robotics

21884 – This 14 in 1 solar powered kit is designed to teach how solar energy is used to drive

Dr. Mady’S 7 In 1 Space Robot

21881 – This solar powered autonomous space robot runs on unlimited source of energy this kit includes rotating space station

Hasbro Nerf Modulus Firepower Upgrade Stock Extension

21855 - Kids can upgrade their firepower when they combine the Modulus Mediator Stock with the Modulus Mediator core (sold separately). Hidden inside the stock is a double-barrel blaster fires 1 dart at a time with hammer-acting blasting. The stock has storage for darts and a clip to attach it to belts. Comes with 4 Modulus Elite darts. Customize for battle with the Mediator core, stock, and barrel (each sold separately) to create the Mediator XL. With the entire Modulus system, more than 1000 combinations are possible! (Blasters, upgrade kits, and accessories each sold separately).

Hungrrry Four

22182 - لعبتان في صندوق: العب لعبة فردية أو جماعية , لعبة ما قبل المدرسة مثالية يتضمن 4 منصات حيوان جذابة مثالي للعب في كل من الأيام الداخلية الممطرة أو الباردة والأيام المشمسة المشرقة. ( المهارات ( تطوير الذاكرة البصرية - التعرف على أنواع الحيوانات والغذاء المناسب لها

Intelligent Education Robot Yyd-5

21733 - Put two YYD-5 together, they can talk, sing, dance, tell stories together and chat each other. It is a great joy to make friends! Take your YYD-5 to make more friends! "CPU: 16 voice IC master Memory/Storage: 8MB/8GB Battery capacity: 1400mAh lithium Display: LED/ LCD Dimension: 190.9*132.5*101.8 mm Material: ABS plastic Working Time: 5 to 8 Hours Charger: USB cable Charging Time: 2 hours Speakers: Dual magnetic speaker, high fidelity, stereo, sound effect Maintenance: clean and wipe the product with a dry cloth Guarantee: 1-year guarantee Age: 1 to 8 years"

Keychain Dolls

22185 - أطلق العنان لابداعك الداخلي ، مجموعة مصممة لنقل معرفتنا من قلوبنا من خلال أيدينا. استخدم الإرشادات أو كن مبدعًا وصمم تصميماتك الخاصة. ( المهارات ( تعزيز الخيال والإبداع - التنظيم - القيادة ومهارة العمل - التعبير عن الذات

Kuwait Dominos

21273 - لعبة كويت دومينو راح تلعبون لعبة الدومينو العالمية بالصور .. صور لأشكال مألوفة جداً سهلة للاطفال الصغار

Lettuce Play

22189 - Designed to entertain the Junior Chef for hours with different gameplays and other creative ideas ? Perfect pre-school game ? A flexible game that you can play for hours or finish in a few minutes. ( Builds visual observation & discrimination skills - Develops creative thinking - Promotes social skills and responsibility )

Long Legs

22188 - ( المهارات ( تقدم المهارات الحسابية - تطوير مهارات التفكير - التدريب على المرونة والصبر

Match And Snatch English

21402 – 1- The game consists of 32 cards with a group of animals on them 2- Each player takes

Memory Game English

21400 – 1- The game consists of 50 cards (25 pairs of pictures) are all mixed and placed on her

Middle Student Essentials ( Boys )

22120 - 4 x Notebook 80 Sht 10x8"" PVC 1 X Loosleaf paper 100sht 1 X Notebook A5 1 X Write and Eraser Pen 1 X Name Label 1 X Stapler 1 X Punch 1 X Sticky Note 3x3 1 X Ruler 1 X 4 Color Pen With pencil 1 X Scissor 1 X Highlighter 1 X Geometric Set 1 X Corrector 1 X Zipper File