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Lyra Black Lead Pencil With Eraser Robinson

22058 – Graphite sharpened pencil with an eraser, for drawing and artwork, the body is six-sided blue, gold stamping. Designed

Lyra Hi-Quality Art Pen 10 Pcs

21924 - Metal boxes in various sizes, containing quality felt-tip pens you can use for different types of artwork: artistic design, drawing and sketching. The tips are made from super-tough fibres, to ensure that your lines are always clean and precise. The water-based inks are clear, bright and resistant to fading. Available in 50 different shades, including fluorescent and gold and silver metallic colours that write on dark or pre-coloured backgrounds. The Lyra Hi-Quality Art Pen is a unique way to unleash your creativity!

Lyra Mechanical Pencil 0.5 MM Lyra

22055 – Plastic mechanical pencil with rubber and with non-slip grip system. It is a good quality mechanical pencil, the

Lyra Osiris Colour Pencils – 24 Colors

21900 - Color pencils Lyra "Osiris" will certainly like your young artist. The set includes 24 bright saturated triangular colored pencils for a comfortable grip. Ideal for school. Pencils are made of wood, environmentally friendly, with a varnish coating. They have a strong unbreakable stylus which does not require strong pressing and are easy to sharpen. Please your child with such a wonderful gift! Included: 24 pencils.

Lyra Pencil Design Eraser

22042 – A handy pencil-shaped eraser will be a great addition to a school, kindergarten for a child. The eraser

Lyra Rembrandt Art Design -12 Pcs Set

21925 - Premium graphite pencil for meeting the high demands of graphics, design, fine art, and architecture. This pencil is characterised by high break-resistance

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Color Pencil -12 Color

21923 - استخدام للرسومات والتصميم والفن لامع وسريع الإضاءة ومقاوم للماء، يمكن تطبيق الرصاص السلس على الورق والكرتون والمواد الاصطناعية والخشب والمنسوجات، عدد القطع: 12.

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Profi Plus Color Pencil -12 Color

21926 - Lyra rembrandt polycolor profi plus pencils Tin of 12 coloured pencils for artists 12 assorted hard and soft grey tones including white and black for graphic artists and designers Meets the highest demand for colour brilliancy, lightfastness, water resistance and smoothness

Lyra Sketching Set 10 Pcs

21928 - Sketching Set by Lyra, complete assortment of High Quality Pencils and Crayons from Resistant Lead with incredible smoothness, Set consisting of 11 pcs to start drawing immediately! Suitable for Creatives, Designers, Draftsmen, Students Recommended for Light / Dark, Drawing, Highlighting, Pencil - Charcoal - Sanguine - Graphite, Shading