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Milan Ballpoint Pen Blue With Transparent Barrel

0.200 KWD
Blue P1 pen with transparent barrel. Push button and clip are the same colour as the ink. Approximate writing length

Deli Neon Graphite Pencil

1.100 KWD
Made from high-quality soften poplar, easy to sharpen

Milan Ballpoint Pen Black With Transparent Barrel

0.200 KWD
Black P1 pen with transparent barrel. Push button and clip are the samecolour as the ink. Approximate writing length of

Tratto Cancellik Ballpen 2 Pcs Blue

1.100 KWD
A set of ballpoint pens with erasable ink, a double eraser included, ink can be easily erased. After 24 hours,

Milan Ballpoint Pen Silver Edition P1 Blue

0.350 KWD
Silver edition P1 pen. Silver-coloured barrel with yellow, pink, turquoise or navy blue push button and clip. Blue ink. Approximate

Deli Graphite Pencil

0.470 KWD
Product Features: Made from high-quality Poplar wood, easy to sharpen Size & Spec.: 2B, ?8?188mm Material: Soften poplar wood, graphite,

Lyra Black Lead Pencil With Eraser Robinson

1.100 KWD
Graphite sharpened pencil with an eraser, for drawing and artwork, the body is six-sided blue, gold stamping. Designed for drawing

Deli Pencil Lead 0.7MM 2B

0.170 KWD
Made of resin material,not easy to be broken. Special out box design with button,easy and convenient to take pencil refill

Milan Pencil Lead 0.7MM Hb

0.350 KWD
Milan By Spain, Lead measures 0.7 mm ?. HB lead which is perfect for writing. Replacement for mechanical eraser&pencils: PL1

Lyra Mechanical Pencil 0.5 MM Lyra

0.650 KWD
Plastic mechanical pencil with rubber and with non-slip grip system. It is a good quality mechanical pencil, the mine is

Tratto Cancellik Ballpen 4 Pcs Assorted Color

1.800 KWD
Write and Eraser Pen 4 Pcs + Eraser, Asstd color/Pkt

Milan Ballpoint Pen 4Color Assorted.Copper Design P1

1.900 KWD
Flexible case containing 4 P1 Copper edition pens whose body is the same color as the ink: noir, lilas, pink