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Das Junior Modeling Numbers Kit – 16 Shapes

21893 – A blister pack that includes letter cutters for play with the colorful Das Junior clay

Das White Modeling Air Clay 500 Gm

21895 – Great for both classroom and studio use Doesn’t require oven baking – air dries in 24 hours Super

Giotto Patplume Modeling Accessories Blister – 16 Shapes

21891 – A plastic bag-blister with 16 shapes. Use them and give different shapes and forms to your creations with

Giotto Patplume Modeling Clay Assorted Color 150 Gm (12 Pcs)

21899 – Giotto “Patplume” is a unique plasticine consisting of twelve bars. Only 12 bright colors of 150 grams. Extra-soft

Milan Neon Play Dough – 5 Colors X 142 G

21890 – Dough Milan Soft dough is soft, consistent and flexible paste modeling . The set includes 5 cups with

Milan Soft Dough Glitter Effect 142 Gm

21901 – Soft modeling paste “Soft Dough”. A consistent and elastic paste, easy to shape. It contains 5 glitter colors