The Best Online Toys Store for Kids The Platform (Website and Mobile Applications): The terms & conditions apply to the website, applications, services and social media of “dinoo.me” or any developers, designers, or content management responsible referred to “Operator (s)”. The ‘website” referred to “dinoo.me”.


The information displayed/described and/or offered on the website for all products, services, and prices is always subject to change when necessary without an obligatory notification to any party. The operators will carefully and effortlessly try to precisely describe products and services in the website to match the real physical product characteristics and the provides services. Due the possible, modifications or changes might occur on the physical products from the manufactory, vendors or suppliers, it might be possible slight differences found on products, and the platform will hold no responsibility for that; it’s the buyer (customer, site visitor) to double-check the products or services details and sophistications before submitting the purchasing.


Any product displayed in the platform will have a certain value and this is determined by ChilDevelop.com. Customer should consider reading the prices displayed and combined with each product/service details. Due to some urgent cases prices might be changed automatically or by system/operator mistake and this will be corrected immediately once known. If there is any purchase happened for any product with the wrong price, ChilDevelop.com will reserve the right to cancel the order and inform the customer.


Any order placed on the website/Apps will be subject to the availability of the products. Any non-availability of products, the customer will be notified for cancellation or alternative product replacement. Out of Stock of items can occur due to the public continues to demand certain products. The operator will still have the right not to complete any specific product contains abnormal qty/products requested. The shipping will be based on the customer’s details given with the three main components; Name, Address and Mobile Phone number. Any missing information the operator might contact the.