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Robo Kombat With Power Fist

14.900 KWD
In the set you will find a standing punching bag, a robot and a joystick to control it. Listen to

Train My Dino Robot

24.900 KWD
Description Dinosaur Tame Composition: Plastic Age : from 3 to 7 years Gender : Unisex Country : CHINA Weight :

Dr. Mady’s 4 in 1 Transformation Robot

7.500 KWD
Children can experience the sense of joy and achievement during the process of assembling. Four different models: robot, cricket, with

Dr. Mady’s 14 in 1 Solar Robotics

8.200 KWD
This 14 in 1 solar powered kit is designed to teach how solar energy is used to drive the motor

Dr. Mady’s Reptile Robo

8.300 KWD
Make an inductive lizard robot and build up interest in science and technology. Overcome series of challenges to make this

Dr. Mady’s 4 in 1 Diy Solar Robot

7.500 KWD
4 In 1 solar robot is completely solar power driven toy. This kit gives children the option to easily transform

Dr. Mady’s Boxing Fighter Robot

7.800 KWD
This robot can throw quick punches while moving. You can control the robot to move forward, backward or left and

Dr. Mady’s 7 in 1 Space Robot

6.800 KWD
This solar powered autonomous space robot runs on unlimited source of energy this kit includes rotating space station that transforms

Dr. Mady’s Diy Tumbling Robot

5.000 KWD
The sensors at the belly, back and leg of tumbling robot make it possible to get up by changing the

Dr. Mady’s 7 in 1 Next Gen Transportation

8.200 KWD
This is an innovative solar kit that encourages children’s creativity and imagination towards next generation transports. Children learn the benefits