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4M Brush Robot 03282

22436 – A robot that scuttles along on a brush. It?s powered by rapid vibrations from its motor. Brush robot

4M Doodling Robot 03280

22438 – A creative robot with mechanical and scientific powers. This new futuristic robot can doodle a picture while vibrating

4M Eco Engineering 3-In-1 Mini Solar Robot 03377

22439 – This is a solar-powered, compact yet multifunctional robot! Experience the three-way operation: rope-climbing and walking as a robot,

4M Eco Engineering Salt Powered Truck 03409

22440 – Build this truck and prepare its battery for action. Then add some salty water and watch the truck

4M Eco Engineering Water Clock 03411

22441 – Clear energy? Power this digital clock by simply using water. Experience the power of this amazing clock through

4M Girl Steam / Intruder Alarm Robot 04900

22684 – Build an intruder alarm robot and learn how circuit works. It keeps any unwanted intruders out of your

4M Hybrid Solar Power Aqua Robot 03415

22479 – Watch this Aqua Robot swim along when sunlight shines on its solar cells.??Aqua Robot can be powered by

4M Kidz Labs Zero-Gravity Fridge Rover 03268

22676 – 24/Inner 192/Master 8.7Kg 4.07Cuft Item Size: 13cm x 19.5cm x 4.5cm Wind up the rover gears and let

4M Kidz Robotix Crazy Robot 03393

22677 – It walks, it jumps, it flips and it spins This is Crazy Robot. It scuttles along the floor

4M Kidz Robotix Spider Robot 03392

22679 – Spider Robot scuttles up and down its string, like a real spider on silk thread. Scary It cleverly

Dr. Mady’S 14 In 1 Solar Robotics

21884 – This 14 in 1 solar powered kit is designed to teach how solar energy is used to drive

Dr. Mady’S 4 In 1 Diy Solar Robot

21882 – 4 In 1 solar robot is completely solar power driven toy. This kit gives children the option to