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Dr. Mady’S 14 In 1 Solar Robotics

21884 – This 14 in 1 solar powered kit is designed to teach how solar energy is used to drive

Dr. Mady’S 4 In 1 Diy Solar Robot

21882 – 4 In 1 solar robot is completely solar power driven toy. This kit gives children the option to

Dr. Mady’S 4 In 1 Transformation Robot

21885 – Children can experience the sense of joy and achievement during the process of assembling. Four different models: robot,

Dr. Mady’S 7 In 1 Next Gen Transportation

21879 – This is an innovative solar kit that encourages children’s creativity and imagination towards next generation transports. Children learn

Dr. Mady’S 7 In 1 Space Robot

21881 – This solar powered autonomous space robot runs on unlimited source of energy this kit includes rotating space station

Dr. Mady’S Diy Tumbling Robot

21880 – The sensors at the belly, back and leg of tumbling robot make it possible to get up by