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Backyard Discovery Beach Front Wooden Swing Set

22164 - With its large deck and colorful canopy, the upper fort will make your kids feel like they're relaxing under a big beach umbrella, or sailing on the high seas in search of pirates using its steering wheel and telescope. The rock wall ladder and monkey bars provide safe and challenging options for a fun ascent to the top, and the 8-foot slide offers a quick and wavy descent back to the bottom. Try building castles and writing your kids names in the sandbox area below, and when they need a break, head over to the brightly colored awning and snack bar to cool off with a cold juice box.

Backyard Discovery Mount Triumph Wooden Swing Set 1701014

Item# 1701014com Your little adventure-seekers will feel very accomplished after playing on the Mount Triumph. With practically a full playhouse below (complete with sink, stove, plastic food, and a 4-person picnic area) and a full clubhouse on top with its own telescope and steering wheel, you may not even notice the swings on this swing set! The challenging rock climbing wall and flat step entry ladder give everyone a quick, safe, fun way to scramble to the spacious top clubhouse, balcony and sun deck. The slide zips them right back down to their snack area, belt swings and acrobat bar.

Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Playhouse

For the little tikes who can’t wait to grow up and want a house with a view of their very own, the Scenic Heights cedar playhouse will do the trick. Just like their real homes, this miniature wooden version has all the essentials for endless hours of fun: a swinging front door accessible by a standard step ladder, a side porch entrance with a full set of wooden stairs, play sink, toy boxes for storage, a cushioned cot perfect for cozy afternoon naps, and a built-in growth chart to track their years of playing house. So don’t be alarmed when you can’t find the kids in your house — they are just in the backyard playing in their own!

Backyard Discovery Somerset Swing Set 65012

Item# 65012com The Somerset outdoor swing set whisks you and your little ones to the rolling hills of the English countryside, without the ghastly travel costs. With its elegant features, the children will look and feel most prim and proper serving tea through the window at the lower snack stand to their cohorts on the built-in bench. They will have a devilishly good time swinging on the belt swings and trapeze bar, zipping down the slide, and scaling back up the rock climbing wall or step ladder to the picturesque cottage-style upper fort complete with a green and yellow tarp roof and observation window. Tap into that inner cheekiness and get the best backyard bang for your buck with the beautiful Somerset!

Step2 Adventure Lodge Play Center

22160 - Complete with a two-story clubhouse, this kids? swing set has so many cool features to keep them entertained ? and outside ? with active play for hours! The Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center is a great way to get multiple kids outside socializing and playing together, from the swings and clubhouse hiding spot with working door to the backboard hoop for a quick ball toss game (sorry, the ball not included) and more! Kids will enjoy climbing the rope ladder for a bird?s eye view of the backyard, as well as the sturdy steps into the clubhouse to take the slide back down. Their imaginations will run wild with this backyard swing set and clubhouse for kids, where pretend play awaits. Pretend the rustic lodge clubhouse is a pirate ship and use the steering wheel to escape enemy ships; fly through the sky with a make-believe airplane, and even cruise through the desert with a dune buggy ? the pretend to play possibilities are endless! Plus, this swing set is sturdy and durable; it?s made EverTough? to last through the most active play for years with double-wall construction that?s fade resistant, never chips, or needs to be stained, and is easy to clean. Secure the ground anchors to ensure this outdoor playset stays strong and in place for kids to enjoy for years to come! The clubhouse includes two levels of climbing and hiding space, complete with a working door on the lower level and a 6 ft. (1.8 m.) slide. The steering wheel and molded-in windows promote pretend play in the spacious clubhouse area. Made EverTough?? this toy features unmatched strength and durability, making it great for playtime peace of mind with easy upkeep. Rustic lodge theme with molded-in details that mimic the texture and look of real wood. Features multiple active play opportunities for kids, from the slide and rope ladder to ball toss backboard, swings, and playhouse to climb up into! Maximum weight per swing: 75 lbs. (34.1 kg.)Maximum weight in the clubhouse: 300 lbs. (136.1 kg.)Intended for family and domestic outdoor use only over proper surfacing./li>Included anchors secure the swing set to the ground. Intended for family and domestic outdoor use only over proper surfacing Easy to clean: Use disinfectant wipes or household cleaners whenever you want! Adult assembly required to need more information on our truck shipment process? Check out our?truck order checklist in?the box: Clubhouse with the door, fabric panel roof, steering wheel and stairs, rope ladder, two-strap swings, slide, backboard hoop, and A-frame support with ground anchors.