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Deli Desk Organizer

1.300 KWD
Key Product Features: High quality ABS material for a durable use Size & Spec.: 175*90*92mm Color: Magenta

Deli Colorful Pen Holder Metal Iron Mesh Assorted

0.550 KWD
It can be used to store pen, pencil, and other small gadgets ? Makes your desk tidy and clean ?

Deli Rubber Bands

0.350 KWD
Product Features: High elasticity performance for a convenient daily use Size & Spec.: Around 70mm (half length) , 50 gram/

Deli Notepad W/Holder 300 Sheets

0.900 KWD
Specification:-107?96?38mm Material:-70gsm offset paper, GPPS holder Color:-White 300 sheets Transparent note paper holder included

Patio Patio Laminating Pouch Film Gloss 216*303MM 125 Micron 100Pcs

3.300 KWD
Perfect to use with any thermal laminators in the market with satisfying result. Gloss finish for professional results. Perfect for

Deli Laminator A4

22.000 KWD
A4 Size Heat & Cold laminating Pre-heat time: 3~5 min,Laminating 80-200mic, Max 0.6mm film,Speed: 300mm/min Adjustable temperature Reverse fuknction Work

Deli File Cabinet Rio 5 Drawer Red

9.350 KWD
Stable and durable with precise stapling design for convenient use Household | Office | School Selling Points: – Fashion color

Deli File Tray

2.700 KWD
Product Features:Durable and light mesh steel material Size & Spec.:350?274?185mm, 940 gram Material:Mesh steel Color:Black

Deli Magazine Holder

1.200 KWD
Product Features: High quality PP material ensure long time use Size & Spec.: 265?250?295mm, 517 gram Color: Black. Single color

Deli Notepad White 300 Sheets

0.500 KWD
Specification:- 107x96x28mm Material:- 70gsm offset paper 300 sheets Color:- White

Deli File Cabinet 5 Drawer Black

8.800 KWD
Plastic base 5 drawers Size : 277(W) x 344(D) x 259(H) mm

Deli Packing Tape Dispenser

1.800 KWD
Product Features: One hand to finish tape dispensing and cutting Size & Spec.: 233?65?159mm Material: Steel Color: Red, grey asst.

Deli Rotary Desk Organizer

2.500 KWD
Product Features: High quality HIPS material for a durable use Size & Spec.: ?110?170mm, 437 gram Color: Black

Deli File Tray

3.600 KWD
Product Features: Durable and light mesh metal material Size & Spec.: 350?278?275mm, 1290 gram Material: Mesh steel Color: Black

Deli Name Badge/Lanyard

0.065 KWD
Size & Spec.: Vertical 68?118?0.28mm, Card size:56?91mm Material: Soft PVC Color: Transparent

Clairefontaine Fabric Transfer Paper

5.500 KWD
Inkjet paper? Weight: 130g Dimensions: A4 21×29.7 Quantity: 5 sheets?

Deli Memo Paper White 300 Sheets

0.500 KWD
Help you take notes and write down the memos when it necessary. Simple design, suitable for both office and school

Deli Magnifier 3X & 6X

1.000 KWD
?67mm?166mm, 56 gram, ?60mm Lens, Large glass: 3X, Small magnifier: 6X ABS frame, Glass main lens 1 pcs/Blister Card Color:-Black

Deli Document Tray 3 Layer

3.850 KWD
Organise loose papers and documents by keeping them easily accessible when you need them. Product Dimensions: 230x 116x 359 mm