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Slime Glam – 3 Packs – Assorted Ssc087

26883 - اصنع صلصال معطرًا بنفسك لا غراء ولا فوضى، فقط أضف الماء، 6 تصميمات متنوعة، يتضمن زينة خاصة.

Slime Glam – Mega Case Ssc126

26874 - Make your own awesome Scented Slime with this So Slime DIY Slime Glam Mega Case. It?s easy to use. Just mix water and the Slime powder together! To make your slime even more exciting, add some decorations in for that extra texture. It Includes: 1Vanity Case,2 Slime Glam Shakers,4 Bags of Slime Powder,4 Bags of Decorations.