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Who? Arabic

21401 – 1-Each player takes 20 secret cards containing a group of kings and queens and puts them in front

Winfun Little Rock Star Guitar 2000Nl

22348 – Highlights -Creativity themed and fun filled toy provide interesting features -Encourages amazing discoveries -Includes light, sound and texture

Winfun Push N Walk Pony 000654

22327 - Buzzing Brains Push ?N Walk Pony is a great toy for your little one to practice their walking skills Push pony along to see his head moves or press the light up buttons on the side to stimulate senses. Develops spacial awareness, hand-eye coordination and physical strength . Helps to develop balance . Push pony along to see his head move 3 light up buttons for different sounds and melodies. Requires 2 x AA batteries (included). Suitable from 6 months.

Wwe My Busy Book 2764348924

An engaging storybook and toy in one activity kit! My Busy Books offer full-page illustrations, a story, figurines, and a playmat that bring the characters to life and ignite your child's imagination. 3 years and up

Your Beauty With Herbs (natural recipes for skin and hair)

22228 - This book is the result of many years of science and experience. It combines a medical explanation of the physiology of the skin, hair and nails, nutrients and basic nutritional supplements that every organ needs for its health and safety. This book contains detailed information about the important natural oils for preparing natural care products for skin, hair and nails, in addition to the methods of extracting, storing, and suitability for different types of skin. This book gives detailed recipes for preparing natural products such as moisturizing creams, body butter, skin toner, body scrubs, face masks, deodorants, nail serums, natural soaps, hair care mixtures and more.  

Zeenat Hayati Book, A Journey To Raise Smart And Confident Child

21452 - الإصدار الجديد للدكتورة هديل الفرس بعنوان “زينة حياتي”. . كتاب مختلف عن بقیة الكتب، تنطلق معه في رحلة ممتعة، تعبر فیھا بمحطات ھامة خلال السنوات الخمس الأولى من حياة طفلك، لتكتشف أسرار متعلقة بتطوره، وكیف لك أن تنمي مھاراته وتقوي تركیزه وذكاءه، وتزرع ثقته بنفسه من خلال تمارین وأنشطة عملیة تطبقها معه في حیاتك الیومیة. . كما ستتعرف على ممارسات شائعة تحد من ذكاء طفلك لتتجنبھا وتبتعد عنھا. . كتاب لا بد منه لكل من یترقب مولوداً، وكل أم وأب یرغبان بأن یكونا الأفضل لطفلھما.


21396 – 1- cards are distributed on the floor picture facing down. 2- Two cards get turned: If the pictures