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Barbie – Blue Swimwear Beach Doll

KWD4.600 KWD4.100
21774 – Barbie doll and her friends always love a beach day! And dressed for the water, they are ready

Barbie Beach Doll Ast

KWD4.600 KWD4.100
21619 – Product Features It’s a beach day — and this doll looks sun-sational She wears a fabulously patterned one-piece

Barbie Blonde Tennis Player Doll

KWD8.100 KWD7.300
21755 – Explore a world of competitive fun with the Barbie? Tennis Player doll! When a girl plays with Barbie?,

Barbie Club Chelse Doll+Pony

KWD14.000 KWD12.600
21620 – Ride into playtime with Chelsea and her adorable pony ?Seat Chelsea doll on the sweet pony’s bright saddle

Barbie Cr Mermaid Ast

KWD8.100 KWD7.300
21623 – Barbie? mermaid doll bends at the waist so kids can pretend she’s “swimming” in the sea or sit

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Spin N-Twirl Gymnast

KWD17.600 KWD15.800
21616 – Storytellers will flip for Teresa Spin ‘n Twirl gymnast doll, inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, in a shimmery

Barbie Dreamtopia Dress-Up Gift Set

KWD17.900 KWD16.100
21621 – With this Barbie Dreamtopia doll and the 3-in-1 fantasy play set, children can take the Barbie doll on

Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Green Tail

KWD8.100 KWD7.300
21762 – Barbie Dreamtopia mermaid dolls shine in rainbow brights and inspire young imaginations to dive into storytelling! This Barbie

Barbie Dreamtopia Non-Feature Hairplay Doll

KWD8.600 KWD7.400
21225 – With fantasy-colored hair, Barbie? Dreamtopia princess doll inspires young stylists to dream up all kinds of dos! She

Barbie Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid Doll

KWD17.900 KWD16.100
21617 – Barbie Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid Doll is squishable, tactile fun for fairytale lovers! Young imaginations can tell so many

Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid

KWD16.300 KWD15.200
21234 – DESCRIPTION Enjoy the magical world of Barbie Dreamtopia with Sparkle Lights Barbie Mermaid Doll!! Features:- Barbie has a

Barbie Fairytale – Dreamtopia Fairy Doll

KWD7.400 KWD6.700
21231 – Barbie fairy doll sparkles with a candy-inspired look that kids will find sweet. A white tiara can be