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Prophets Stories, Set of 8

12.000 KWD
قصة سيدنا إبراهيم عليه السلام قصة سيدنا إسماعيل عليه السلام قصة سيدنا موسى عليه السلام قصة سيدنا سليمان عليه السلام

Sehat Teflak Maa Al Ashaab

5.000 KWD
يتميز الكتاب بتغطية أغلب أمراض الأطفال الشائعة و مشاكل النمو الطبيعية بلغة سهلة و بسيطة لكل قارئ بالأخص للأمهات في

Dinoo Gift Story

2.750 KWD
Dino Dinosaur is a little boy who loves to play, and his parents gave him a gift that he always

My Diary In The Month of Ramadan

3.000 KWD
كتاب أنشطة: يومياتي في شهر رمضان. من إعداد: أ. سارة عبدالله الكندري. كتاب أنشطة للاطفال يحتوي علي العديد من الموضوعات

Al Dawaa Al Ajeeb

3.000 KWD
لماذا ترتفع حرارة أجسامنا عندما نمرض؟ متى نراجع الطبيب؛ ليصف لنا الدواء؟ كيف نعالج ارتفاع حرارة الجسم؟ و ماهو سر

Double 6 Color Dot Dominoes Game

9.750 KWD
A fun twist on the classic game, this 28-piece Double 6 Color Dot Dominoes Game Set features domino pieces with

Sensory Perception of Children with Autism Disorder

4.000 KWD
Book (Sensory Perception of Children with Autism Disorder) Written by: Mariam Esmaeel .. A book that help parents and specialists

Juicy Drink Box The Ultimate Unbreakable Reusable Water Bottle for Kids

8.000 KWD
Features & details -DURABLE CONSTUCTION With its clever virtually indestructible tritan design Asobu has created the must have water bottle

My Name is AA Ali

3.000 KWD
The story “My Name is AA Ali” is an awareness story for children aged six years and over … that


7.500 KWD
The game became a Kuwaiti game close to the UNO game, with its development, the difference of cards and new

Attention And Focus

3.000 KWD
The first booklet in the series of attention and focus to guide parents and educators to the best therapeutic arts

Etaarf Egalik?

16.950 KWD
Do you know your mind? It is a family game based on guessing as all participants in the game do

Camel Up

17.950 KWD
In Camel Up, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to suss out which will place first

Ya Fahimni

18.950 KWD
It is a game that shows how well you know your friends! You have to guess what others prefer, such

The 7 Rules

7.950 KWD
The Seven Laws Game The Seven Laws Game is a simple and fast game that revolves around 7 different laws.


14.000 KWD
A purely and innovative Kuwaiti version, a right of unity, one of the most famous international games. This is a


17.000 KWD
For every unnecessary hospice, a game who precedes or persuades me, reveals to you what might you do, you persuade