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Hape Dynamo Dominoes

21386 – Build a colorful trail of 100 wooden dominoes. Add a bridge, bell, rails, and assorted tricks. Tap one

Hape Five In One Music Station

21381 – You?ll be a one-person band with this amazing multi-instrument table. Includes drum, xylophone, cymbal, scratch board, clapper and

Hape Pepe Sound Stacker

21587 – This stackable and colorful puppy helps children identify different shapes and colors, as well as barks when his

Hape Shape Sorter Xylophone

21584 – Is it a piano or a puzzle? Well, the multifunctional Shape Sorter Xylophone is a piano, xylophone and

Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome

21385 – Lily the bird’s job is to wake up Sunny Valley! Use the magnet in her beak to drop

Light-Up Circus Activity Cube

KWD23.000 KWD18.400
21590 – This crazy circus-themed activity cube is great fun for little ones. Turn the rotating discs to see the

Penguin Musical Wobbler

21387 – With the Penguin Musical Wobbler, children can experience sound and delight in the penguin?s soothing tinkling sounds and

Pyramid Of Play

21586 – Five nesting blocks, each with five sides of letters, numbers, pictures, shapes, and colors, add up to dozens

Roller Derby

21383 – Colorful wooden balls, peek-a-boo holes and fast tracks create a 2-sided mountain of fun.

Rotating Music Box

21583 – A soothing and gentle toy that will encourage young children to explore and experience music in a fun

Stacking Music Set

21585 – Make wonderful music and explore melody and rhythm with this innovative set. Children can stack the differently sized