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Hape Friendship Tower

7.000 KWD
Beautifully decorated cardboard boxes are perfect for building and learning. Stack, sort shapes, study the landscapes, or practice counting!

Hape Park And Go Garage

24.000 KWD
With four levels of parking, gas pumps, and a roof top landing pad, busy drivers will be coming and going

Hape Take Along Activity Box

14.000 KWD
This 5-sided activity box has moving gears, balls, blocks, and a maze, plus colors, motion, and a mirror to reflect

Hape Jungle Maze

12.000 KWD
This fun magnetic maze is a fun way to travel through the jungle and learn about our wild animal friends.

Hape Construction & Number Maze

10.000 KWD
This fantastic magnetic construction site and numbers maze is a fun way to walk around the building site and learn

Hape Pyramid Of Play

12.000 KWD
Five nesting blocks, each with five sides of letters, numbers, pictures, shapes, and colors, add up to dozens of ways

Hape Rotating Music Box

7.000 KWD
A soothing and gentle toy that will encourage young children to explore and experience music in a fun way, the

Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler

6.000 KWD
With the Penguin Musical Wobbler, children can experience sound and delight in the penguin?s soothing tinkling sounds and funny waddle.

Hape Fast Flip Racetrack

10.000 KWD
Watch your race cars flip over one another as they come racing down!

Hape Light-Up Circus Activity Cube

23.000 KWD
This crazy circus-themed activity cube is great fun for little ones. Turn the rotating discs to see the lights and

Hape Nutty Squirrel Railway

15.000 KWD
This squirrel is just nuts about sliding down! Place him at the top of the tree and watch roll down

Hape Pound And Tap Bench

12.000 KWD
Pounding sends the balls tinkling over the xylophone. Pull out the keyboard and the xylophone can be played solo. Winner

Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome

15.000 KWD
Lily the bird’s job is to wake up Sunny Valley! Use the magnet in her beak to drop beads into

Hape Roller Derby

15.000 KWD
Colorful wooden balls, peek-a-boo holes and fast tracks create a 2-sided mountain of fun.

Hape Pallina Ocean Rescue

15.000 KWD
Product description Oh no! Some turtles and whales and starfish are caught in the fishing net! Free them by pulling

Hape Music And Monkeys Railway

15.000 KWD
This rail set offers delights at every turn! A beautiful melody plays as you drive the jungle train over the

Hape Crossing & Crane Set

20.000 KWD
Watch out! When the safety gate comes down the train is coming. This realistic rail cargo set includes a working

Hape Pepe Sound Stacker

7.000 KWD
This stackable and colorful puppy helps children identify different shapes and colors, as well as barks when his head is

Hape Stacking Music Set

14.000 KWD
Make wonderful music and explore melody and rhythm with this innovative set. Children can stack the differently sized blocks in

Hape Shape Sorter Xylophone

12.000 KWD
Is it a piano or a puzzle? Well, the multifunctional Shape Sorter Xylophone is a piano, xylophone and shape sorting