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Marie The Caterpillar 19Hs09Ig

The educational toy Marie's Caterpillar consists of a large head and 5 body parts with textile elements, educational details and numbers. The toy can be played as a constructor, used as a whole or disassembled into separate parts, used as an arena limiter or a feeding pillow. Inside the toy there is a rattle, a squeaker and rustling elements. There is a mirror on the outside. The caterpillar will help you learn different shapes, flowers and numbers from 1 to 5.

Silverlit Macrobot 88045

30257 -Macrobot can track the path it has walked and can walk the same path again by sensor recognition Auto balance function Obstacle detection Wireless pre-program action Tri - colors led eyes , This Silverlit toy robot Macrobot is a big robot with many special elements! Apart from with his wheels, MacroBot has moving parts on all sides, while his eyes light up in 3 different colours. On the included plateau, you can ask him to transport small items. He can remember a trailed route and repeat this route flawlessly. MacroBot has a recording feature that allows you to record up to 3 texts, which can also be repeated in his MacroBot robot voice. The remote control allows you to perform all kinds of pre-programmed actions, and when you connect multiple MacroBots, they can communicate with each other. This product is suitable for children from 3 years.

Silverlit O.P. One Robot Program With Lively Actions 88550

30259 -Programmable with lively actions. LED Eyes- Scanning & Flashing light effect. Motorized Arms-Can lift-up objects with both hands Lively Motion- All direction head movement with sound detection Live Broadcast-Talk via the controller?s microphone (Close enough) and broadcast the message via the Robot (use talk button), with 5 different real-time voices (use voice changer knob), Programmable with lively actions. Led eyes- scanning & flashing light effect. Motorized arms-can lift-up objects with both hands. Lively motion- all direction head movement with sound detection. Live broadcast-talk via the controller?s microphone (close enough) and broadcast the message via the robot (use talk button), with 5 different real-time voices (use voice changer knob). op one can be your spy-real-time transmission of the surrounding sound by op one to the controller?s built-in speaker (press monitor button). these features can also be used as walky talky. Code tracker-auto record & repeat your control input. Sound detection technology with head turns and talks to the sound source. Just clap your hands & op one will react. On manual mode press demo button 1 to 5 times to select dance & music on which op one will dance. Press demo button again to stop it. Ability to speak in the remote control and broadcast live messages with 5 different voice effects. Control distance:-approximately 5m, play time:-approximately 30mins.

Silverlit Robo Chameleon 88538

30258 -A fun and easy to use portable robot LED illuminated body with multiple colour change Tongue that shoots out to catch its food Eyes and tails that move and a 4 directional remote control Awarded 'Best in Show' on Philip Schofield's 'How to spend it well at Christmas', Robo chameleon is a perfect companion. This great remote control character has a 3 step challenge to collect his food, move, aim and shoot its tongue out and snap up the bugs. He stores his food in his mouth, ready for the next game. Includes RC chameleon, 4 directional remote control, magnetic 'food' For collecting, cool LED illuminated body with multiple colour changing, realistic eyes and a tail that moves when he walks. Battery requirements are AA x 4 and AAA x 2.

Silverlit Single Shot Blaster-Firestorm 86301

Pump Up Your Spinner Mad Single Shot Blaster To Blast Your Spinner Into Battle With A Super Powerful Spin. Use

Silverlit Single Shot Blaster-Sandstorm 86303

Boost To Spin, Shoot To Win! This Silverlit Spinner Mad Single Shot Blaster Sandstorm Makes You A Fighter And Gets

Silverlit Train My Dinos Assortment 88482

21216 -Description Dinosaur Tame Composition: Plastic Age : from 3 to 7 years Gender : Unisex Country : CHINA Weight : 0.763 kg